All students enrolled at the Dance Conservatory of Maryland should be able to enjoy the art of dance in a positive, healthy and distraction-free environment. Our faculty and staff do their best to promote respectful behavior from all students in the classroom.   Please observe the following school policies to ensure that each student gets the most out of their time at DCM. Do not hesitate to contact the DCM office if you have any questions about school policies. 


  • Students are expected to behave respectfully and courteously at all times toward DCM faculty, staff, other students, and parents.
  • All cell phones should be turned off during classes and rehearsals.
  • Students must show respect for the property of others and for the facilities.
  • Students must follow the dress code for all classes and rehearsals, even when injured or observing.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to make up all missed classes promptly at the student's level or a lower level. 
  • Students should put their belongings neatly in the cubbies provided or under chairs or benches in the lobby.
  • Students should not touch the belongings of others.
  • Students should help keep studio buildings and grounds clean and neat by putting waste paper and food and drink containers in the appropriate receptacles.
  • No gum, food, or drink (except water) is permitted in any DCM studios.  
  • DCM is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • No animals are permitted in DCM buildings other than service animals.
  • There is no smoking anywhere in or near DCM. 
  • The use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited in or near DCM.
  • The use or possession of weapons of any type is not permitted in or near DCM.
  • In keeping with the honor system, students who witness infractions of rules must report them immediately to a DCM instructor or staff member. Those who do not may be subject to disciplinary action. 
  • Any student who is not prepared for class because of lateness, behavior problems, or inattention to the dress code may be asked by the teacher to sit and observe class instead of participating.
  • Parents of dancers ages 12 and under must be present while your child is not in class. 
  • DCM shall not be liable in any way for injuries sustained during attendance at the ballet school or any of its relate functions. 
  • Any student or parent who verbally or physically abuses anyone, verbally defies an instructor or staff member, commits unlawful action, or commits any other action deemed by DCM to be grossly inappropriate may be dismissed from the school immediately. There will be no refunds.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedures


 There is nothing more important to us than our students' safety! 

To cut down on congestion and assure classes begin and end promptly at our new location we will receive and release students as follows:


Dancers ages 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult when entering or exiting the facility - no exceptions. We do not recommend students younger than 13 years old to go outside anywhere without supervision. Please discuss this policy with your dancer and remember this is for their safety. 

All parents/guardians should park in the DCM lot to the left of the building. Student should be walked inside the building no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the beginning of their class. Do not allow your child to wear their dance shoes outside the studio. We will assist young dancers with any shoe changes during class.

Students must arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to beginning of each class, and are required to stay with their parent or guardian until they are received into the dance studio. Late arrivals should enter the studio room quietly due to their class already being in session. 

If a parent or guardian is more than 5 minutes late picking up, their dancer will be seated in the lobby. If an emergency occurs hindering timely pick up, please notify the office. Students should remain in the waiting area until parent/guardian arrives and not at the front desk area or outside the studio. 

If parent/guardian is late more than 3 times when picking up their dancer, they will be charged $10 per occurrence for each time they are more than 15 minutes late again. The studio is not responsible for caring for children who are not picked up on time.


Dancers age 13 and up may be dropped off in the designated drop off area left of the building and should enter the building through the DCM entrance (not the Boutique entrance). Please refer to the map provided. We ask that parents drive behind the building and pull up to the designated drop off area.

Students should wait in the building after class to be picked up. Parents/guardians are asked to pick up dancers one of two ways: 

1. Dancers age 13 and up may be picked up in the designated pick up area in front of the building. Dancers will exit the DCM doors once they see their parent/guardian through the front windows. Please refer to the map provided. We ask that parents drive in front of the building and pull up to the designated pick up area.

2. Parents/guardians entering the building to pick up dancers should park in the DCM lot to the left of the building. 

There is NO supervision of dancers before or after classes or rehearsals. Generally, there is a person at the front desk area during office hours for administrative and customer service. However, the presence of someone at the front desk cannot be guaranteed.

DCM notes that some dancers may wish to leave the studio and go to surrounding establishments such as Subway or Menchie's. DCM accepts no responsibility or liability for students leaving the building. Dancers who leave the building unsupervised do so at their own risk. 


  • Placement in the recreational program is established first according to age, and second based upon performance during previous classes, or placement class. 
  • Each student is evaluated and promoted individually based on age, ability, attendance, and work habits.
  • A student wishing to attend the pre-professional program coming from another school must attend an evaluation class for proper placement. This class must be scheduled in advance with the school office. An evaluation class is free of charge. The student’s evaluation may be discussed with the dancer directly after class, or the DCM office will communicate this information at a later time.


  • Consistent attendance is expected and is critical to each student’s progress.
  • It is the responsibility of the student/parent to make up all missed classes promptly at the student’s level or a lower level.
  • All missed lessons must be scheduled through the office and made up within the session missed.
  • Students who miss more than four performance/technique classes in a session may be removed from choreography and/or performance. No refunds will be given. (See Nutcracker agreement for Nutcracker rehearsal requirements.) 
  • Arriving late, leaving early, or observing class because of injury or illness will count as half an absence for performance purposes.
  • Attendance at all production week rehearsals is mandatory for all performers. Dancers may be removed from the production if they miss a rehearsal during production week, and no refunds will be given.
  • Students should arrive 15 minutes early to get dressed, warm up, and use the restroom. Students are expected to wait outside of the classroom until their scheduled class time. 
  • Any student who is not prepared for class because of lateness, behavior problems, or inattention to the dress code may be asked by the teacher to sit and observe class instead of participating. 
  • Students should be picked up in a timely fashion, within 10 minutes of the end of their last class. DCM faculty and staff cannot be responsible for students left beyond this time.


  • Students who are ill, including those with headaches, upset stomachs, and cramps, etc., may observe class with the permission of their parent or teacher.  
  • Students with injuries should seek the treatment of a medical professional before attempting to take class. Please ask at the DCM office for a list of medical professionals in our area who have experience treating dancers.
  • Students with injuries should be cleared by a medical professional before returning to class. We ask that you have your medical professional fill out a form, provided by DCM, indicating what dance movements are safe for your dancer to perform. 
  • Dancers who are injured should speak with each of their teachers before every class while they are injured to let them know their status.
  • Students who are unable to participate in the full class, because of injury or illness, should take notes about choreography and corrections and do any recommended physical therapy exercises or stretches.
  • All classes missed due to illness or injury should be made up as soon as possible to help build strength and maintain progress.

Inclement Weather Policy


In the event of inclement weather or class cancellations for any other reason, the DCM website and Facebook pages will be updated with the latest information about DCM school closings. An announcement will be posted at least one hour before class times begin in the event of cancellations.

DCM does NOT follow the Harford County Public School system closings. DCM does not hold make-up classes for weather related or other emergency closings, and no tuition reductions will be given. Students have the option to make up any missed classes in any other class, at the student's level or a lower level, with permission of the DCM office.