Registration & Tuition

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Enrollment is by pre-registration. Students are accepted after the beginning of a semester on a space-available basis, and providing their previous training enables them to join an existing class. Please register early to guarantee entry. Class size is limited and fills quickly.

Online Registration

Everyone is encouraged to register online as you will have access to your personal information all year long. This will enable you to update your address, phone number, credit card info, etc. 

If you are a RETURNING student to using our new system for the first time (as of April 2018) please click reset password to set a password for your account before logging in to register.

We are unable to accept registration over the phone. 


Paper Registration

Download Registration Form and MAIL or EMAIL to DCM. Click here for form.


Payments and Fees

ALL TUITION is due in full at the start of a session.  For dancers automatically enrolled in the next session (Winter and Spring), payment is due by the first day of the next session.

Exception: Only balances over $300 may be handled by monthly recurring billing. First payment due prior to start of classes, each following payment due the first of the following 2 months.  

A non-refundable annual registration fee of $30 per student (max. $60 per family) is required.  

A 10% discount on tuition of a second or more family member(s) (lesser tuition total) is available. 

A 10% discount on tuition for military families is also available.

Tuition refunds are not available after the first class of a session/workshop/camp has begun regardless of reason for withdraw. 

DCM requires a letter of withdrawal in writing for any student who needs to withdraw from a class for any reason. 

A $25 charge is placed on all declined credit cards.  A $30 charge is placed on all returned checks. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Late fees are charged for costume orders not turned in by the designated deadline provided a costume can still be ordered (and for private lesson students that do not give 24-hour notice of cancellation).

Class Placement

Placement in the recreational program is established first according to age and secondly, based upon performance during the first week of classes. Each student is evaluated and promoted individually based on age, ability, attendance and work habits. 

A student wishing to attend the pre-professional program (coming from another school) must attend an evaluation class for proper placement. This class must be scheduled in advance with the school office. An evaluation class is free of charge. Student’s evaluation may be discussed with the instructor by scheduling a time to meet in person or by phone. 

Please call the school office to schedule an appointment, 410-877-3281.


Scholarships are available for boys ages six and older. Please contact the office for information about our boys scholarship program. 

Work/Study scholarships are available for dancers at advanced levels of study who are available to assist with studio maintenance  and administrative duties.  Please contact the school office for more information.

Private Coaching

Private lessons and coaching are only available for DCM students enrolled in the Pre-Professional Ballet Program. Any other students should contact the director about private coaching. Coaching is available by appointment in 30 minute to one-hour sessions at the cost of $65 per hour.  

Contact the school office for scheduling, pricing and studio availability at 410-877-3281. At least 24 hours notice of cancellation must be given or the student will be charged for the full rate of the lesson.