Pre-Professional Ballet Program

The Pre-Professional Ballet Program is designed for students interested in building strength, consistency, refinement and artistry through frequent study and repetition. This type of training offers students the opportunity to pursue dance in college, as a professional career, or as a strong singular hobby.

Students take three or more classes per week with the option to perform numerous times yearly. Performance opportunities include the annual spring concert with Ballet Chesapeake. This program may only be attended by students registered solely at DCM to ensure consistency of training.

Students are invited to participate in the Ballet 3 level and the pre-professional program at the discretion of the DCM Artistic Director and faculty. Younger students who are interested in the pre-professional program should inquire about the Ballet Intensive classes which prepare students for more rigorous training.

The pre-professional program offers a substantial discount to students taking multiple classes per week. Payment options are available for unlimited classes for dancers at the advanced level and dancers who wish to participate in extra ballet classes or contemporary dance forms as well.

Pre-Professional Program Requirements:

Ballet 3

At least three Ballet 3 classes per week

Ballet 4

At least four Ballet 4 classes per week

(extra ballet classes at the Ballet 3 level and Pre Pointe/Pointe 1 are optional, the Pre Pointe/Pointe 1 class is required for dancers who wish to study en pointe)

Ballet 5

At least five Ballet 5 classes and one Pointe or Pre-Pointe class per week

Ballet 6

At least six Ballet 6 classes and one Pointe class per week

*Male students studying in the pre-professional program will be required to take men's class instead of pointe class. 

Performance Classes:

Performance classes give students the opportunity to prepare a piece of choreography for classes participating in Ballet Chesapeake's Spring Production. Performance classes are held in the Winter and Spring sessions only and students wishing to perform will have an additional 30 minutes each week in addition to technique classes to learn and refine their dance for the performance. This ensures a high quality production with well rehearsed choreography and it also offers students a higher level of training.  A better learning environment is offered by giving students more time to focus on learning and perfecting new skills and vocabulary during technique classes.

Evaluation Conferences: 
Students participating in the DCM pre-professional ballet program will have the opportunity to schedule one evaluation conference each year with the school director and other faculty members. Conferences help the DCM staff offer constructive advice about a students progress, strengths, and weaknesses to dancers and parents in a positive manner. Conferences also allow students and parents to address any concerns they might have about the DCM program. Talking to students and parents helps the DCM staff identify each student's individual goals and come up with a plan of action to help students grow as dancers and achieve their goals. 


Workshops are offered in shorter sessions or single days periodically throughout the year, some sponsored by the Ballet Chesapeake. Workshop topics may include modern, adagio (partnering), composition, and social and cultural dance forms.


The Dance Conservatory of Maryland offers scholarships for boys ages six and older who must meet all other eligibility standards. Scholarships are also available for girls at advanced levels of study under the work scholarship program. Contact the school office for details.

Private Coaching:

Private lessons and coaching are only offered to pre-professional study students enrolled at DCM. They are available by appointment in one-hour sessions. Contact the school office for scheduling and studio availability at 410-877-3281 and run $65 per hour. At least 24 hours notice of cancellation must be given or student will be charged the rate of the lesson.

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